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Before opening a new business you should star its marketing here is 60 Days Plan for you.

If you are opening a Restaurant, you only get one shot at opening night.  If it isn’t a success, then you are stuck behind the eight-ball trying to build momentum for your Restaurant.  It can be hard to get past people’s impression of your Restaurant being the one that is always quiet because the locals don’t go there.  Cash flow is a big thing too for new Restaurants, the sooner you start getting customers, the sooner you will have start getting some cash flow and return on your massive investment in time and money.
So, you’ve lined up the funds, leased the space, organised the workforce and are in the process of putting it all together. But, have you given enough thought to marketing, the one crucial factor that shapes the success of your new business? In the hustle-bustle of rolling out the business, many owners tend to give marketing the importance it deserves. Our Three-Month Pre-open Marketing Plan for Restaurants and Takeaways distils the experience of scores of successful entrepreneurs into a simple, yet very effective blueprint for success in the food service business.

This digital marketing plan starts at least 60 days BEFORE you receive customers at your restaurant or takeaway. Let’s now cut the chase and get to the plan straight.

Getting the basics right While great food and excellent service alone do not guarantee sustained business success, they are, nevertheless, the foundation on which good businesses are built. It is therefore important to have a customer-centric approach to all aspects of your business. Remember happy customers are the best ambassadors for your business. Customer delight should be your aim. Craft a Unique Selling Proposition Let’s accept the fact that scores, if not hundreds of businesses compete with you (or will compete when you start) to earn the patronage of consumers. A consumer is faced with a mind-boggling array of choices when it comes to ordering food. In such a situation, how do you get her attention and retain it? This is where a Unique Selling Proposition or USP comes in. The USP differentiates you from the crowd in a way relevant to the potential customer and makes them buy from you. Faster service, cheaper price, distinct flavours,free offers etc. have all been used in various hues by food businesses to stake out a place for themselves in the customer mind.

The classic example of a successful USP from the food business is Domino’s’. Articulated as “Fresh hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less… or it’s free,” it sent their sales soaring and created a much-celebrated case study. Once the basics are in place and a winner USP crafted, here is what you should do:

Day 60 to Day 30
● (If you already haven’t) Purchase the domain name for the restaurant or takeaway
● Get the logo and graphic design work done.
● Build a professional website. Remember to highlight the USP and maintain design consistency between online and offline materials. As Google takes a few weeks, if not months to crawl a website and even longer to rank it, it is better to launch the site as early as possible. Remember that visual content is in high demand online these days, and having delicious looking photos on your website and across various social media outlets is essential for drawing hungry eyes. Get a set of drool-worthy photographs made for this purpose whatever it takes including hiring a professional photographer.
● Get all the collaterals made including leaflets. Do a mail drop campaign if you think it will help.
● Build links to the website. The more links you build the better. However, avoid irrelevant and junk links altogether. Google frowns upon such links and they may cause more harm than good. Instead try food service related websites, local directories, food finder sites etc. These make good sites to link with. The best way to keep marketing costs under check is to piggyback on established businesses. A meal deal with a cinema hall, a discount coupon at a local supermarket etc. are ideas worth exploring.
30 – 20 days:
● Start sending your collaterals to the target customers. The Unaddressed Delivery Service takes several weeks of lead time. So it is better to keep your leaflets and brochures ready well in advance.
● Start your Facebook page. Get all your contacts to follow you on Facebook. Remember to use good images.
● Advertise your opening special on Facebook.
0 – 20 days:
● Now is the time to set up your twitter account. Start following local businesses and other popular establishments and individuals in your area.
● Start training the staff on offering top quality customer service. Inculcate the culture of delighting the customer in them. Collecting customer details like emails, phone numbers and birthdays should be designed to be part of the transaction process. This will help you build your customer database right from the word go. Equally important is collecting customer feedback.
● Now you need to work out offers for your social media campaign. Social media success is never earned overnight, but it is a long painstaking journey that starts with publishing relevant content and customer offers are among the most effective here. That brings us to the end of the plan. We hope we have covered pretty much everything to help your food business start off on a solid footing. Remember, well begun is half done.




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