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EPoS is an acronym for Electronic Point Of Sale. If you are serious about your business then you need to have a good EPoS behind the scenes of your restaurant or takeaway. Without EPoS your business will be subjected to unreliable hand written orders and manual calculations. A decent EPoS will provide you with order and customer management with automatic cash-ups and sales reporting. The term EPoS (Also written as epos, EPos and Epos), refers to both hardware and software as one entity. You can buy EPoS software and EPoS hardware independently.

EPoS hardware will normally consist of:

  • 15″ or 17″ touch screen monitor
  • Desktop computer (or an integrated all in one pc)
  • Receipt thermal printer (usually 80mm thermal, or 76mm dot matrix)
  • CallerID unit
  • Sometimes they will have a rear customer screen or pole mounts

In theory, if you have a piece of software installed on any device that can take orders, then you have an EPoS! For more information, please see our EPoS page.


Online ordering is the way forward for both you and the customer. We can help you save time and make a lot more money in a short space of time. Here are some other reasons why you should get an online ordering website for your takeaway:

  1. Your competitors will get one and customers will use them if you do not have one, which would mean you could lose your regular customers
  2. Gain new customers who are searching the internet for takeaways in their area
  3. Save money by not having to distribute printer paper leaflets
  4. Your staff have more time to make and deliver orders as they won’t be wasting time on the phone
  5. Customers can browse your menu online and order easily
  6. Build your brand image
  7. Less to no mistakes when taking orders, there will be no language barriers or miscommunication as the order instructions will print in black and white
  8. Reduce costs from online ordering portals by encouraging customers to order from you instead, you do not want to be in a position where you rely on other companies to give you the customers as they can easily take them away if they want to promote another takeaway in your area
  9. Easily up sell products to your customers with items and options they may not even know about
  10. Capture customer data for future marketing or order/product analysis
  11. Quickly promote products that you need to get rid of quickly

What if i already have a website without online ordering?

If you already have a website for your business and you do not wish to replace it, we will integrate online ordering with your existing website, OR if you wish to replace your exciting website we will provide a new online ordering website for your business.

What if i already have a website with online ordering?

if you already have a website with online ordering system and you do not wish to keep it , we will provide a new online ordering system with same feeling but enhanced features for your customer, and we will provide the solution for recover exciting customer data.

Do you charge any type of commission per order?

NO, we don’t charge any commission or any charge per order.

Who is going to do the website maintenance?

We are providing FREE maintenance for all our pay monthly customer, for the pay as you go customer we are providing FREE maintenance for limited period.


Yes. As part of your online ordering website, we also build you a mobile website, tablet website and also an Xbox optimized website at no extra cost. Customers can order takeaway online using any of these devices.


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