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An EPoS system is invaluable to your business, but that doesn’t mean that it should cost a fortune. For most businesses, a fully integrated, top-of-the-line, all-in-one system isn’t necessary. Especially when it is straight off the shelf with all the bells and whistles which will only ever gather dust. Too many small business owners make the mistake of accepting these expensive packages.


Because at the time it can seem like less hassle. The reality is, this couldn’t be further from the truth. EPoS systems shouldn’t be expensive or stressful. Here’s how to get yours the easy way on a shoestring budget.

Xpertpos can help you to choose best epos system for your business.

Knowing your business

Knowing your business and its specific requirements is half the battle when finding the right EPoS system. Think of it like buying a car. Some people may need to travel 5 miles to work every day, and would like a radio, electric windows, and maybe some air-con for those hot warm British summers. It would be ludicrous to go out and buy a high-end executive vehicle with heated seats, self-parking and built-in TVs, just because it also has your beloved radio and electric windows installed too. This is the same case for EPoS systems.

The key is to first really understand what your business needs, not what sounds nice or is part of a package. By realising what features you need, you can identify what components are a waste of space, and which will help guide your business to point of sale success. Once you’ve worked out that you may not need a multi-point touch screen device which can display over 300 languages, or a dual display weighing scale, you can then move forward and choose only what you truly require, saving time, stress, and money.

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Pick ‘n’ mix Budget Epos Systems

Purchasing an EPoS system should be more of a pick ‘n’ mix, and less of a selection box. That’s why the best value comes from having the freedom of picking and choosing exactly what you need in order to create the perfect system, tailored for your business requirements. So a sweet shop owner can have their trusty barcode scanner and weighing scales installed, without having to pay out for a fancy thermal printer or unnecessary cash register which can store up to 10,000 programmes.

Ask an EPoS expert

The best EPoS vendors will not only sell you the best systems and components possible but will also offer you free, expert advice. Most people don’t know the difference between complex computer parts and microprocessor speeds, but that doesn’t mean the expensive option is best. With expert advice, the perfect components can be handpicked to fit every business. In this case, one size does certainly not fit all. Always be weary of vendors trying to persuade you to upgrade to the ‘next tier’, or to include all the add-ons, especially when they will just cost your business more for little to no benefit.

As well as expert advice, costly packages can often exclude important aspects of purchasing your EPoS system. These include delivering, installing and educating you in using all this complex technology to its fullest. Ensuring that everything is up and running is essential, especially when you have spent so much time and money making sure you have the right system. Ensuring that you and your staff are fully trained is the key to getting the most out of your system. It’s also one of the most commonly ignored aspects when dealing with new EPoS systems.

Software & Hardware – a match made in heaven

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of purchasing a new EPoS system, especially in terms of finding a value for money, is the separation of software and hardware. By this, we mean that it is all too common for separate components of hardware to be bundled together in a ‘convenient’ package. However, these often exclude the software to run these shiny new products. For the best value for money, it’s important to look for a vendor who offers both the hardware and software your business needs. They should also understand your business and make use of their knowledge to recommend which products you need to fit your budget and daily requirements. For more information on how an EPoS system can cut costs contact Xpertpos.


Getting the right EPoS system needn’t be that difficult. Talk to one of our experts for some free advice today on 07773375412.

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